This is a real life journey of twins mom and her efforts to get back to her shape.

Are you starting to think healthier but having a hard time sticking with these changes?  Good news : You are not alone.

Almost after 8 months from my c-section, I realized that I can’t stand myself in front of mirror. I still have nearly 30 lbs to lose before I get my  pre pregnancy weight. Contrary to most women, I didn’t gained much while I was pregnant but it was after delivery that I was asked to eat good in order to feed well the little twins.  It looks I have taken advantage of that situation to eat any and everything. But now, all the time my mind force me to think, do I choose to look this rest of my life? Definitely NO.

With each and every post of this series, I will commit to stick by my own rules and choose to look and feel better. I will introduce one healthy solution once at a time in my regular routine.

Walk/Run to Lose Weight

Walking/Running is one of the best exercise for people who are keeping really busy in life. As my twins are growing up, they need my help and attention more n more and I find really short of time to manage my family and visitors expectations well. As your family grows, it’s really important to at peace with yourself. If you are a regular reader of my blog then, it can’t get unnoticed that I haven’t blogged for long. Writing a blog is a creative outlet of your personality and I find it really difficult to write if my mind is wandering. Concisely, I mean to say that walking/running is a double benefit for me as well as for you – 1). Exercise 2). Self realization

Since at this stage of my life spending lot of time in gym is not possible, so I started doing walking/running to keep well and lose weight. No hard targets but being regular is my focus. With this thought, I wish luck to you and myself.

30-60 Minutes Of Being Uncomfortable Is Better Than Being Uncomfortable Your Entire Life!

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