Welcome, I am Shilpi from Pink Jasmine. Independent, married, mom of beautiful twins boy-girl, feminist, explorer, natural, relationship based and part time Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger.

Fashion & Styling

I find inspiration from every creation made by God. I love to play with colors, textures, accessories to define my sense of Fashion & Style. I am a Canadian-based an Indian blogger. India is a beautiful country and I feel extremely proud to be an Indian. My heart will remain in India forever. I dream of seeing runaway on the streets. I believe each girl is fairy sent by God, it is up to us to create our ‘Fairytale’. I am strong supporter of this quote:
“The clothes in themselves do not make a statement. The woman makes a statement and the dress helps.” — English dressmaker Jean Muir

Family & Friends

I could have never realized my dream without help of each and every person in my life. I have met so many wonderful human beings who taught me to never gave-up and fight back. I am always supported by my lovely family members & friends.
I am blessed with a beautiful family which includes my loving husband(cum-friend) and my little boy-girl twins. At times, you can also find me sharing my parental journey. Don’t be shy to share your trick of parenting. Hope to see you all joining me in my journey of ‘Fashion & Style’. I am looking forward for your feedback and inspiring comments.
Thank you.