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Lose Some Tummy Mummy Series : Keep Walking/Running

This is a real life journey of twins mom and her efforts to get back to her shape.

Are you starting to think healthier but having a hard time sticking with these changes?  Good news : You are not alone.

Almost after 8 months from my c-section, I realized that I can’t stand myself in front of mirror. I still have nearly 30 lbs to lose before I get my  pre pregnancy weight. Contrary to most women, I didn’t gained much while I was pregnant but it was after delivery that I was asked to eat good in order to feed well the little twins.  It looks I have taken advantage of that situation to eat any and everything. But now, all the time my mind force me to think, do I choose to look this rest of my life? Definitely NO.

With each and every post of this series, I will commit to stick by my own rules and choose to look and feel better. I will introduce one healthy solution once at a time in my regular routine.

Walk/Run to Lose Weight

Walking/Running is one of the best exercise for people who are keeping really busy in life. As my twins are growing up, they need my help and attention more n more and I find really short of time to manage my family and visitors expectations well. As your family grows, it’s really important to at peace with yourself. If you are a regular reader of my blog then, it can’t get unnoticed that I haven’t blogged for long. Writing a blog is a creative outlet of your personality and I find it really difficult to write if my mind is wandering. Concisely, I mean to say that walking/running is a double benefit for me as well as for you – 1). Exercise 2). Self realization

Since at this stage of my life spending lot of time in gym is not possible, so I started doing walking/running to keep well and lose weight. No hard targets but being regular is my focus. With this thought, I wish luck to you and myself.

30-60 Minutes Of Being Uncomfortable Is Better Than Being Uncomfortable Your Entire Life!

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2012 Heath & Fitness : Stay healthy with Watermelon

Summer is here and so is the dehydration in the body due to heat & perspiration. All one look forward to is coolness in every aspect. Summer is popular for many fruits out of which not all are equally great in taste as well as rich in nutritional value. Watermelon is one fruit that has surely found a place on top which people love to eat  in summer.

Do you love eating watermelons ? I simply do.

Talking about benefits of this fruit, one post is not enough.  They are good for heart as well as great food for weight control.
Let’s get to know it better.

Reasons why we should consume watermelons.

  1. Low in calories and best to reduce weight.
  2. Highly hydrates your body.
  3. Highly rich in antioxidants.
  4. B vitamins are great source of energy and they help you keep energetic.
  5. Source of vitamins C, A, B6 and B1.
  6. It improves defense system of body and keep you healthy and less prone to allergies.
  7. Source of the carotenoid lycopene, which may help reduce the risk of prostate and other cancers.
  8. Contains amino acids which maintains blood flow and keep arteries in good state.
  9. Lycopene and vitamin A  in it is perfect for our vision.

You can eat this fruit in many ways like salad, juice, soup, salsa or dessert. It taste great in all forms.
It is definitely one of the best fruit that is very high in nutrition and easily available in market.
So friends, this summer let’s eat them and move towards a healthy lifestyle.

Hope you find this article helpful.
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