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Top 6 Fall Coat Picks : For Different Body Types

Summers are soon going to end and then comes the time to get your trendy coats out. Have you ever realized that coats are such a big style statement and if they are picked cleverly they just evolve you from being simple chic to celebrity diva.
Sometimes, it just gets too confusing when market is over-flooding with numerous choices. I guess best thing will be to know your body frame and pick the one which totally complement your personality.

Tired of browsing through the online stores and still couldn’t find the right coat for your silhouette? Here are top six fall coats pick for every body type.

Women in India : Are we not safe on our home streets ?

Women in India are no more safe. Few weeks back, I have received a link from one of my friends which detailed ‘Guhawati Molestation Case’. Some mob of 30 people on a busy street outside a pub in Guwahati molested a 20 year old girl. After reading this, I was shocked and couldn’t imagine how awful it must have been for that girl.

Such cases in India are no more an uncommon thing, but it is getting worse day by day. I read in newspaper few months back, Gurgaon administration passed an order that information regarding women employees working after 8pm should be sent in advance to the labour department. I feel that administration has totally lost their control and trust over police while making such a statement. What message  is going to be conveyed to the rest of the world? Are they pointing out that we are not safe in our own country? Of course, then it won’t be wrong when foreigners visit India, they do not trust any Indian for their safety. After travelling few of the major countries, I have realised a big difference – I have felt more safe roaming alone in abroad streets than Indian street.

Is there no safe place for girls in our rising India or what our tourism officials call “Incredible India”? On one side we are fighting against female foeticide, and on the other side there are cases of molestation on streets.

I was shocked by chairperson of National Commission for Women (NCW) Mamata Sharma’s statement on telling women ‘How to dress’ despite of being a woman herself. I am sure she was never taught the fact to -’ Respect every one without any Discrimination.’

Here’s her statement on NDTV –

“Women’s fashion, lifestyle and conduct should be in accordance with Indian culture…women should not wear clothes which provoke others (to misbehave with them),” Madhya Pradesh industries minister Kailash Vijayvargiya said in Indore on Friday.”Women should dress in such a way that they invoke respect in others. However, unfortunately women are dressing provocatively, which is leading to deviation in society,” he said, referring to the incident.

After reading this, I could only doubt their sanity level. Does she mean to say, that we are living among animals and we should avoid falling prey to them by not following fashion and living a life framed by other people. I think this can only happen in India as in rest of the world, girls can chose their own living-style rather then compromising to save themselves.

According to the latest statistics released by the Delhi Police, a woman is raped every 18 hours or molested every 14 hours in the capital of India. As a woman, when I lived in Delhi alone for a period of time, I was really afraid to walk on roads alone and just kept praying God to be with me always. In today’s world, when women  go out of their homes to live their dream and earn money, safety is the key point. But why is it so difficult for Indian Police Department to understand that.  Why we don’t have strong law and order. Why rapist are not hanged or shot dead? Why they get bail-out? Why police don’t set an example by treating them harshly so that from next time onwards people have fear to do such shameful act?

TOI quoted – Out of 213,585 reported cases of crimes against women in 2010 — as per data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) — sexual assault (molestation and rape together) amounted to 62,800 cases, second only after cruelty by husband and relatives (94,000 cases). In 2006, the total reported cases of crimes against women were 164,765. Crime against women in India is constantly rising.

We have no simple or straight solution for this, but yes we can decrease such activity by working together.

  • Dear Indian government, please pass strong laws against such criminal activities rather then focussing on women’s fashion style.
  • Dear Indian police deptt., please catch those criminals rather then finding excuses to defend the culprits.
  • Dear Indian people, please support victim with love and concern.
  • Dear girls, please learn few tricks to defend yourself to some extent e.g. Carry pepper spray in your bag.
  • Dear girls, always let your family/friends know about your whereabouts.
  • Dear girls, please walk/travel in company as much as possible.
  • Dear girls, please save and dial 100 on sensing danger.
  • Dear girls, please project strong image outside rather thendisplaying your weekness .
  • Dear media, we would be more than happy if u support the victim rather then patiently clicking pictures of the victim on the site to show in your headlines.

It is our joint responsibilty as a citizen of India to have strong law & order in place and help decrease such activity from our society. Hope we can revive our faith and trust back on Indian Law & Order. I wish everyone a safe and great future ahead.