Top 6 Fall Coat Picks : For Different Body Types

Summers are soon going to end and then comes the time to get your trendy coats out. Have you ever realized that coats are such a big style statement and if they are picked cleverly they just evolve you from being simple chic to celebrity diva.
Sometimes, it just gets too confusing when market is over-flooding with numerous choices. I guess best thing will be to know your body frame and pick the one which totally complement your personality.

Tired of browsing through the online stores and still couldn’t find the right coat for your silhouette? Here are top six fall coats pick for every body type.

Positivity & Happiness

Last few weeks, I wasn’t too well (mix of many health challenges came along) and it took me a while to get back to my blogging routine. I am not really going to discuss much about it since I enjoy ‘positivity of life’.
Thank you so much everyone for your constant support.

Many realizations did happened during this complete recovery process and to mention few.

  1. I have some very lovely and genuine friends, who always do show their concern towards me . I am so proud and lucky to have them.
  2. Good health is the biggest luxury in life.
  3. I still feel I need my mother when I am not well.
  4. Having a guy who loves you unconditionally, makes your recovery much faster.
  5. Live for people who have courage to stop by you to ask – ‘Are you OK?’
  6. Life’s priority do change, but your passion never fades.
  7. You don’t need big things in life to be happy.
  8. Share your happy and sad moments with friends (don’t keep it to you). It brings so much comfort and support.
  9. I still enjoy watching Byomkesh Bakshi detective series.
  10. My husband can actually cook.
  11. I lose patience when I am not well. Need to work on it.
  12. Lastly, I seriously missed all of you and little conversations we use to had.