2012 Heath & Fitness : Stay healthy with Watermelon

Summer is here and so is the dehydration in the body due to heat & perspiration. All one look forward to is coolness in every aspect. Summer is popular for many fruits out of which not all are equally great in taste as well as rich in nutritional value. Watermelon is one fruit that has surely found a place on top which people love to eat  in summer.

Do you love eating watermelons ? I simply do.

Talking about benefits of this fruit, one post is not enough.  They are good for heart as well as great food for weight control.
Let’s get to know it better.

Reasons why we should consume watermelons.

  1. Low in calories and best to reduce weight.
  2. Highly hydrates your body.
  3. Highly rich in antioxidants.
  4. B vitamins are great source of energy and they help you keep energetic.
  5. Source of vitamins C, A, B6 and B1.
  6. It improves defense system of body and keep you healthy and less prone to allergies.
  7. Source of the carotenoid lycopene, which may help reduce the risk of prostate and other cancers.
  8. Contains amino acids which maintains blood flow and keep arteries in good state.
  9. Lycopene and vitamin A  in it is perfect for our vision.

You can eat this fruit in many ways like salad, juice, soup, salsa or dessert. It taste great in all forms.
It is definitely one of the best fruit that is very high in nutrition and easily available in market.
So friends, this summer let’s eat them and move towards a healthy lifestyle.

Hope you find this article helpful.
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Journey from Fat to Fit : Part-1

Yes, I was born in a middle class family where primary focus of life was all about  education, job, character, marriage, love, emotions blah blah….
As I completed my B.Tech within couple of years, I  became part of marriage institution with an awesome guy from Tripura. Like most of the average Indian girl I thought, life will be much different after marriage and yes it was. Loads of commitments, responsibilities, work, relationships and etc. Sometimes you just can’t get time to think what you want in life. Lately , I realized getting  married is just one of the part of life that is in no way suggest you to start finding excuses to be unfit & unhealthy.  Seriously speaking,  I was having very less time left-out for taking care of myself since family became priority and here I started my journey to fatness. Office, kitchen, outing, relatives were only primary things existing  for me at that time. I started neglecting my health which resulted in cervical pain & fatigues. I could easily blame this to my genes but real reason behind it was my poor-lifestyle.

One fine day I realised I just can’t love my family & friends, if I don’t love myself. Here I started my journey for a fit-body and healthy-mind. I enrolled to gym and met amazing people who have beaten age by fitness ~ Mother of two kids but looks like a young college girl.

Trust me, anything and everything is achievable on this earth till you believe in yourself. So never doubt yourself or your existence. Follow your heart and things will fall in place.

There are thousand of tips and tricks but here are very few of my humble attempts to achieve fitness and lose my weight by 40 lbs with all flexibility

  • ~ Start your morning as early as possible (Skip weekends to give yourself break from routine).
  • ~ Start your day with luke-warm water with honey and lemon as it de-toxify your body ( Ignore lemon in case you feel uncomfortable).
  • ~ Understand that milk is part of your regular snack, take whenever you feel hungry ( Add some powder to change taste in case you don’t like regular taste of milk). Avoid canned juices or soft drinks.
  • ~ Avoid sugar as much as possible, whatever carbohydrates you need you can easily achieve from your regular meals or fruits ( Feed yourself with some fruit-dessert during weekend meals so u don’t crave for it).
  • ~ If you are regular tea-coffee person, start decreasing your count and restrict yourself to 1 morning and 1 in evening (Great if you can replace it with green-tea, personally I don’t like the taste but it is great metabolic rate enhancer.
  • ~ Take all your meals on nearly fixed time everyday as your body gets prepared for digestion accordingly. Don’t play with your digestion process else it will play with you (Revenge u know ).
  • ~ In order to lose weight, you need not run marathon just start by morning or evening walks for 30 min so that your muscle are in activity for a period of time (Good if you can maintain running else walking is also good).
  • ~ During lunch time, feed yourself  with curd, whole wheat options and vegetables ( Select your own options no strict rule to just take what other suggest till the time it is healthy ).
  • ~ Don’t try to make everyone happy as haters will hate you for your goodness even ( Kill them with decent smile).
  • ~ You are here in this world for your own stuff not to entertain morons ( This always motivates me) so don’t worry about comments.
  • ~ Whenever you have to snack outside, try to find some healthy option in menu (Don’t avoid social gathering showing u are on diet, it makes it difficult to follow).
  • ~ Swallow 10-15 fenugreek seed with water for good digestion (I never took although)
  • ~ Restrict yourself to chewing food all the time else take no-sugar chewing-gum to avoid it.
  • ~ Be with people who motivates you not with degraders of life ( Make friends with people who help you maintain smile on your face rather then one serious cribbers . That doesn’t mean you stop helping people in need).
  • ~ Start going to gym if it is near-by, don’t stress yourself if you can’t as little work-outs u can do at home.
  • ~ Dance more often ( Not bad, if door is closed so nobody notices your silly moves).
  • ~ Take light dinner at 7:00 pm and after that prefer taking liquid diet (Skip on weekends).
  • ~ Take luke-warm milk before going to bed, it helps getting sleep.
  • ~ Go to bed early, keeping all tensions on your drawer (Difficult for many but it really helps).
  • ~ Don’t forget best healer of everything is time and fresh oxygen, so spend time with family in open-air.
  • ~ Don’t forget everyone is born with defect, winners are one who know how to improve with time.

Just follow above points and you will see gradual change in you. No war can be won over nite so give time to your self.

Take care and do give your feedback in blog if you feel it is of any help.

I will appreciate it very much . Thanks for reading.